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03 December 2011 @ 05:04 pm
Trying To Survive  
Title: Trying To Survive
Author: BarbieYeoja
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: R
Length: Chapters
Pairing: Lee Jinki (Onew), Ham Eun Jung, Moon Chae Won
Summary: Lee Jinki is a young man struggling to survive. He has had a hard life, losing his parents at the age of 8, later being abused by his grandfather and soon the unthinkable happens. Lies are told and people have been searching for him for years. 14 years later he is on the streets of Seoul living his life out day by day, not knowing wether he will eat today or not. He soon meets a young women searching for herself and who is considerate, caring and open to others. She helps Jinki with his past, present, and his future. Giving him hope and ambitions. He soon discovers what he will iive his life for. From there, in order for the both of them survive, one life has to be sacrificed....

Warning: Violence, Light Sexual Theme, Swearing
Disclaimer: The story and graphics are all by me, the pictures taken to make the graphics/banners were not mine to begin with, however. the edits and everything else are strickly by me. Please to not redistribute, re-edit, or take anything of mine. Thank You~

(Chapter 4)  (Chapter 3)  (Chapter 2)  (Chapter 1)