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03 December 2011 @ 05:13 pm
Trying To Survive (Chapter 2)  

As people walk by Jinki as if he doesn't exist. he just continues to stare off into the world wondering, what if that was me? Or what if I had a place to be?

He mainly tries not thinks of what ifs....

After staring bluntly towards the world for a few moments, he realizes that the sun is starting to go down and he hasn't eaten anything all day.

So Jinki continues to head off to look for money that people have dropped along the streets.

He always looks in phone booths, under arcade games, little gum ball machines, and other places he can find. However, his most favorite and most successful place to look is always under vending machines.

There is always a few coins that have been dropped around there. It always the coins that fall under the machines that people don't even bother to try and grab because they know they can't. but Jinki can.

By the time he's done looking in all of his favorite spots, Jinki counts up the money he has collected and decides what he should eat that day.

"Today, I think I'll have Kimbap" Jinki says aloud with the cutest smile on his face. As if he's a five year old that has just been told that he's getting ice cream.

usually Jinki eats Kimbap, if not, its either a cup of ramen or some kind of bbang (bread).

So with Jinki's mind made up, he goes to a small little convenience store around the corner from where he began.

"Ajummoni, one Kimbap please." He asks the Ajumma at the counter.

She smiles at him. "So it's Kimbap today, no ramen? I just got your favorite back in stock" she exclaims.

"Really?!" He's say excitedly.

"Yes sir." She replies.

Jinki looks up to the ceiling thinking whether or not he should change his mind about the Kimbap...

"Mmm I think I'll just stick to you're delicious Kimbap today. I will get the ramen next time." he decides.

She laughs, "Okay then."

As the Ajumma turns around to get his Kimbap. Jinki kind of does a little spin looking around closely at all the things to buy in the shop.

Although his smile starts to fade a small bit, he stops and takes a deep breath, telling himself that he doesn't need all of these things to survive.

While Jinki is lost in thought, the Ajumma turns around with the Kimbap and stares at Jinki. She gives him a look of worry.

Even though he isn't her child, she knows that he is alone in this world. But she commends him for sticking it out for so long.

She really likes Jinki, she believe that he is a breath of fresh air and every time he comes into her store, he just makes her day.

Sometimes, she'll even sneak in a few more rolls of Kimbap or something sweet for him to eat later on....since its her store anyhow.

However, her husband dislikes Jinki. He thinks he's a beggar and hates when he enters the store. He never has a reason to kick him out so he just stands there giving him a hardcore look just waiting for that reason.

If he catches his wife adding more things to Jinki's bag he'll snatch it away from her and says, "we don't give out food to beggars."

Even right in front of Jinki he'll do it, without a care.

But Jinki doesn't mind, he just smiles and says his goodbyes.

"Here you are sweetheart." says the Ajumma.

Jinki turns around and grabs the bag.

"I snuck in a few extra rolls of kimbap." she tells him.

"Ajummoni, you don't have to do that." Jinki tries to tell her.

"No no no, its fine. You're the only one who actually appreciates my hard work put into these things, you deserve them. Now you go home right away. As a matter of fact, take one out right now and eat it on your way, I don't need you passing out in front of my store." she says.

Jinki smiles, "Okay, I will. You have a good night. I will see you soon. And thanks again for the delicious Kimbap."

Jinki heads out of the store. On his way out the Ajumma's husband walks in, giving Jinki one of those dirty looks again.

As Jinki is about to start off his short journey home he hears the Ajusshi yelling at his wife inside the store.

"You gave him free food again didn't you!!" he yells.

"Why does it matter, I'm the one making it! It's not like you eat anything I make anymore anyways!" she replies back to him with her voice raise.

"I don't like that kid bum in my store!" he says.

"Your store! This is MY store. I put all of my money into this and everything else. All you do is come in here and sit on your ass everyday! You could at least do something around here before you start claiming this as YOUR store!" she comes back at him.

Jinki doesn't like when people argue or fight, so it doesn't take him long before he decides to continue his way on home.

As Jinki approaches a dark alley he always thinks about his life turned out, and if he had changed it what would be so different about it.


"Oh my grandson, come over here and give your halmoni a big hug"

Jinki walks slowly towards his grandmother and gives her an awkward hug.

He never spent much time with his grandparents. They were his mothers parents, but never were to fond of his father so they would only see each other a few times a year.

"Now." his grandmother says, "How about I go in the kitchen and whip you up something good to eat, how does that sound? Hm?"

"Okay." Jinki replies.

"Whats your most favorite food to eat?" his grandmother asked.

"Mmmm Galbi Tang." he says with a little more enthusiasm.

"Okay, that sounds good. I think I can manage that." she says.

Jinki has a little more excitement now that his grandmother will be making his favorite food.

"You wait here and I'll go into the kitchen and whip you up some Galbi Tang. But you have to promise to behave okay." she tells him.

"Okay, I will halmoni." he says.

"Now thats my good boy. be right back."

As Jinki's grandmother leaves the room to make him food, Jinki decides to walk around a bit and familiarize himself with the surroundings, since this is where he'll be living from now on anyhow....