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03 December 2011 @ 05:10 pm
Trying to Survive (Chapter One)  

"Come on Dad!" yells Jinki.

The sound of laughter surrounds the family on this happy day.

Jinki's mom and dad both finally have a day off and the three decide to have a picnic in the park.

Jinki's dad brought a kite so he could teach him how to fly it.

His mom made all kinds of delicious desserts and foods for them to eat.

They find a perfect spot right next to a beautiful cherry blossom tree where the sun hits just right but the shade covers them just enough.

Jinki's mother places a blue and white plaid blanket down on the soft green grass, she then sets out all of the dishes.

However, jinki grabs the kite right out of his fathers hands and goes straight for flying it.

It's cool spring day. The flowers are blooming everywhere and the fresh smell is amazing.

the sky is bluer than every and the sun is brighter than usual. The clouds are as puffy as marshmallows.

Today is a good day Jinki thinks to himself.

Jinki's dad comes quickly, telling Jinki to wait up for him.

Jinki is so excited, he's never flown a Kite before and he's been waiting for his dad to have time to show him how to.

As he unravels the reel to get the bridle to become longer, he starts running away from it, holding it tightly waiting for it to start flying in the sky, but it doesn't even budge.

Jinki's dad yells, "You have to flow with the wind son. You can't just start taking off and expect it to follow. You have to go with what the wind tells you"

He catches up to him.

"Here, like this." Jinki's dad takes the kite away from him and rolls up the string a little more, he then stands there, with his eyes closed and his head up high quietly, without moving, waiting for a sign or something.

As Jinki's stares at his dad, he smiles. He thinks  my dad is so handsome, one day, I wish to look just like him.

His dad takes a deep breath and exhales slowly, he opens his eyes and smiles. He looks at Jinki, "Now watch closely."

Jinki, concentrated strictly on what his dad is doing watches.

As his dad unravels some of the bridle, he tosses the kite into the air and runs away from it. The kite immediately begins to fly.

The look of amazement covers Jinki's face as the kite flows with clouds in the sky.

Jinki's dad stops running and stands there with the kite in his hand he reels in some of the bridle as if it were a fishing pole, "Jinki, come over here for a second!"

Jinki quickly runs to his dad. His father gives him the kite and tells him to hold it tightly.

They both stand there in silence, acknowledging the beautiful site, taking in the fresh air.

A few moments later...

"You know kiddo, days like these are rare. That's why we should cherish every moment." Jinki's dad says.

He begins to look back at his wife, "I used to wonder why people never take the time to appreciate the things that they have and things that are given to them."

He bends down on one knee, grabs Jinki by the shoulders and looks and looks him dead in the eye, "But I cherish and appreciate every moment with you and your mother that I have. I couldn't ever image being without either of you. I love the both of you more than anything else. I know you're only 8, but I hope you know that son. I am a truly happy man."

"Appa.", Jinki says. "Do you think that all of these people in the world are happy like us?"

"Jinki." His dad begins, "happiness is something that can come and go within in an instant. Only you can control the happiness that you obtain, this way, whether it be me or a friend or anyone else, deep down inside, if they upset you or not, you can control the happiness that overflows the pain."

Jinki takes a moment to think about what his dad has said...

"Son.", He continues. "I want you to remember this; We don't see things as they are, we see them as what we are. To live is the most rarest thing in the world, most people exist, and that's all. So wondering if someone else is happy isn't important, it's sharing that happiness that you have, that way, you'll never have to wonder. Just a smile can show others that you are okay. Once you give a smile, that smile is received by another; it's contagious."

Jinki thought long and hard over this.

He began to look back out at the sky and soaked in all of the things his dad told him.

He wondered if what his dad said was true; about smiling being contagious.

So he looked over to his mother whom was still sitting under the tree, watching the two, smiling at them. He began to smile. Then he looked at his dad who looked down at him, and they were both smiling.

He thought, I wish everyday was a day like this, and I wish everyone all the happiness in the world....

----14 YEARS LATER----

The streets of Seoul are filled with people with a purpose. Men and women, trying to reach their destinations. Whether it be work or going to meet up with an old friend or a date with they're wife, they all have places to be.

Teenage girls walking in groups of 2 or 3 linking arms or giggling into they're cell phones about the latest gossip on a celeb.

Teenage boys walking around with their backpacks or riding their skateboards looking for something to do.

The air isn't so great, pollution surrounds the city but not as bad as you would imagine. It's manageable. The streets aren't too bad either. Except the traffic, god that traffic, its rush hour and cars are flowing at 15 miles per hour. Many are late for where they need to be.

Honking they're horns every 10 seconds, screaming and yelling at each other. The smart ones are taking the subway, although it may get crowded and if you miss your train, you're basically screwed; however, its a much faster route than sitting in this chili fall weather waiting to move a few inches every 5 minutes.

Seoul is everything you'd image in a normal city life. You never get any silence and at night, the streets are filled with so many bright lights you can barely get a good look at the stars.

Everyone just lives their lives day to day in Seoul, even Jinki.

Lee Jinki, not many know his name. Most know him as that bum or beggar sitting on the street with no ambitions. He's homeless, with one goal, to survive. Life has been hard every since that day. The last day he spent with his parents 14 years ago. Everything changed in a blink of an eye.

jinki doesn't ask anyone for anything, although he may seem as if he's a beggar or a bum, it's not the life he originally wanted, but dealt with as he took a turn on a different, longer road.

The looks people give him passing by every single day doesn't affect him as much as it used to. He's used to it. He has a way to obtain food, he has a place to sleep, and he has clothes on his body. That's all he needs.

He doesn't have a job, an education, or anything that could ever give him a chance for a change; he knows this. However, he looks into the sky everyday and smiles. Because he knows that it doesn't matter what he looks like, where he sleeps or how much money he has. He is the only one that can control his happiness, not the people walking by with the dirty looks........